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YouTube Premium, the ad-free version of the video sharing site YouTube, is available in Turkey for a certain fee. YouTube Premium allows users to enjoy an ad-free YouTube experience, run YouTube in the background, and access YouTube Originals content exclusive to YouTube Premium users.

So how much will the user be able to experience YouTube Premium by paying? The first three months will be free for all packages. Afterwards, package fees will be as follows:

  • Single: 16.99 TL
  • Family package for 5 people: 25.99 TL
  • YouTube Individual Music Subscription: 13.99 TL
  • YouTube Family Music Subscription: 20.99 TL

How to Subscribe to YouTube Premium?

After entering YouTube, open the top left menu on the homepage and click on the “YouTube Premium” button under the “More Content from YouTube” option. Mobile users can initiate YouTube Premium subscriptions by clicking on their profile information at the top right and opening the “Paid Memberships” section.

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