Whatsapp and Instagram Are Changing Their Names

Facebook decided to change the names of WhatsApp and Instagram on the grounds that the name was worn out after the personal data breach scandal. According to the decision, the phrase 'Facebook' will be added to the names of WhatsApp and Instagram.

According to the news in Business Insider, Facebook; It was decided to change the name of Instagram to 'Instagram from Facebook' (Instagram from Facebook) and the name of WhatsApp to 'WhatsApp from Facebook'. The reason behind the decision is; To protect the brand value of both applications after the personal data breach scandal.

The name of the application will appear in the application download markets in a new way, but users will still see the names Instagram and WhatsApp while using the application.

In the statement made by Facebook, it was stated that the name change was made to remind that both applications are part of Facebook.

Facebook agreed to pay a $5 billion fine as a result of the US Department of Justice's investigation for violation of personal rights.

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