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Instagram, one of the most popular sharing sites, has implemented the innovation that has been working on for a while. Within the scope of this innovation, it was possible to hide likes on Instagram.

In the statement made on Instagram's official Twitter account, it was stated that in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Canada and New Zealand, the number of likes on posts has started to be hidden and used in a way that only account owners can view, and it is now possible for users to focus on the beauty of the moments they share rather than the number of likes. It was stated that it aimed to focus them. It is estimated that this is the first step in hiding global appreciation in the future. So how will this situation affect users, content creators and brands?

Content Gains Importance

The content in the images you share, that is, visual-text harmony, will gain greater importance. Users' reflexes towards posts they like because they are liked a lot have diminished over time; A period in which they turn towards real quality will await us.

Interbrand Status Is Breaking

The taste-based status difference between global brands and local brands is disappearing. Thus, Instagram turns into a content platform where everyone competes under equal conditions and in an equal appearance. It also becomes easier for companies to deliver their products or investments to users.

More Likes Will Come

Because people's appreciation reflex towards the majoritarian understanding is broken; The rate of clicking the like button on non-global brands or local values ​​will increase in the long run.

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