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The 'stories' feature, which was first used on Instagram and attracted great attention, was later moved to Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. However, users did not show the expected interest in the 'stories' section on WhatsApp. Facebook, which wants the stories shared on WhatsApp to reach more people, has accelerated its efforts to display these contents on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

If Facebook is successful in this project, when this feature is put into use, options will appear when the story is shared and the opportunity to be shared in more than one channel will be provided if desired. Android users who want to try this feature, which is still in the testing phase, must switch to WhatsApp Beta by clicking the 'Become a Test User' button at the bottom of the WhatsApp page via the Google Play Store.

Stage Media

Stage Media

01-01-1970 02:00:00

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